Expand Your Capacity

January 28th. 2019

Today I witnessed a friend accomplish landing her absolute Dream Job. Reminded me to stay humble as I exercise my Dream Job.


Listening to Oprah’s podcast: The Many Faces of the Ego. One main takeaway I got was to focus on the now. Most people who seek to win at something are focused on the end goal way too often and often lose the attention to detail on what’s in front of them.

Just scarfed down Five Guys because it was down the street, however pledging to spend no more than $20 for food for the ENTIRE WEEK. I’ve been consciously focusing on putting as MUCH money away as I can in 2019


Apartment Tour video walkthrough coming to IGTV very soon

NY Urban Basketball League: 6th game tonight. Shifting focus to defense and crashing the boards tonight since that is undoubtedly our biggest opportunities. Trusting the teammates they’ll find their offense with my shift in focus. Results TBD


Today I witnessed someone close to me go through a traumatic moment in their lives. The silver lining in it, however, was how instrumental that person’s community gathered around to support that person immediately. I’m truly blown away at how the strength of human connection can overpower literally anything.

January 27th. 2019