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Chase Your Dream. Do It Unapologetically

Chase Your Dream. Do It Unapologetically


There's something to be said once you take the time to analyze your self worth and the direction in where you see yourself heading down the road. I had an unbelievable series of fortunate events happen to me over the past month that I thought I'd share with you.

Chapter 1: The Epiphany


I'm a huge advocate of the cliche saying, "Everything Happens For a Reason". I am extremely self aware of my actions and how it has an equal reaction to my surrounding environment. That being said, everything that's happened in my life literally happened for a reason.

Rewind to my life circa November 2016. Doesn't seem that long ago for most people, but for me, it was a lifetime ago. I was this brash and cocky, recent college graduate that got a job in Manhattan in the field I studied. I thought I made it. I lived up to "The American Dream". The only problem was that I was living someone else's dream.

I was succeeding at my job and was living independently. Everything seemed perfect on the surface to those around, however there was a fundamental problem within all of this. I wasn't being truly authentic to myself and to my feelings. I felt that I was already invested in my career because I was getting paid enough and had the credentials in college to back up what I was doing. Everything seemed right and figured I'd go along for the ride and see where it takes me.

It's not that what I was doing as a career was taxing or inefficient, it was just that the longer that I was doing it, the more I became aware that it just wasn't me. I did a lot of self reflection during that time and realized that I was going through the motions in college and within the start of my career just to get passed the finish line. I stuck with it just to say that I had a respectable college degree and a respectable job.

My one year anniversary was coming up to my job and I had an extremely difficult time accepting that I've committed a year of my life to something where I felt like I wasn't progressing towards my goal. Don't get me wrong I'm extremely grateful at the opportunity to learn my role and progress within the business, however, it was very much like running a marathon on a treadmill. It's like, yesss you put in the work, but really, you're right back where you started.

It was within that moment where I had an epiphany. A vision that this wasn't what I was going to commit my life to. I had this burning desire inside me that just told me to change careers. And to make moves now. The wait was over. I've thought about my future long enough. It was time to act.


Chapter 2: The Declaration


I removed myself from my daily routine. From the weekends around friends and distractions. I almost hibernated in my own thoughts and ambitions. I set tangible and outlandish goals. I wrote down what was important to me to have. What was it that I truly valued. How was I going to enact these values into fruition? I did these deep thought self therapy sessions for weeks on end. Before, during and after work. I did it during work outs, through 5 mile runs. I did this in my bedroom, in conversation with a close knit group of friends and family. I spoke about my ambitions with my co workers, and clients. Without regard of any fear. I became obsessed with these new found declarations.

  1. Use the skills I've accumulated at my current job and use them towards a company that I fundamentally believe in.

  2. Stay true to who I am and not conform to spending time doing something that doesn't reflect my own values

  3. Move into an apartment with adequate space that invokes a liberating personal life

I became active.. Once I had a plan in place, I incorporated it into my every day life. I almost shut myself from the immediate world around me to convert this plan into a reality. It was a process to say the least.

These 3 main declarations are literally what I would think about every day. In the morning, afternoon and night, it was always on the top of my mind. I visualized everything that I declared so vividly. For example, I've always pictured myself professionally working in a creative environment to help grow a business or at least be a pivotal piece in the growing process. I've always pictured myself doing it in a space that would allow me to be both creative in my approach, but also analytical and strategic. Finally, I always pictured myself living in the heart of NYC walking distance from anything and everything with people who I could consider my best friends.

Again, over and over, the concentration and focus that I put in achieving those three things became my reality. That's all that I saw. I felt like I was already living in that world. I did the research. I applied. and applied. and interviewed. and interviewed. Meanwhile, I reached out. I explored all of my options. I downloaded roommate finding apps. I went on open house tours. I saw different apartments, I met up with different potential roommates, I went into interview after interview.

The actions that I would put the most effort into directly reflected the declarations that I had set for myself. It's all that I would put my energy into. It was only a matter of time before it all manifested.


Chapter 3: The Law of Attraction


I was told somewhere along my journey that the universe has a way of manifesting your visualizations so long as you can clearly see see the outcome and are willing to put in the work. I had visualized the outcome extremely clearly and had put in the work. The rest was up to the universe.

This was probably the most difficult part of the whole process for me. I'm convinced that I can influence most things into my favor, but when it's out of control, it's hard for me to sit back understand that I've done the most that I can do.

The Law of Attraction is a tool that many successful people use in order to further advance them in their success. It's not just used for their careers, but enacted within their daily lives. If you haven't heard of Jim Carrey's story of visualization, maybe it can do for you what it did for me.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPU5bjzLZX0?start=47&w=560&h=315]

The universe responded positively to my declarations. I communicated with my boss about my ambitions elsewhere and was proactive once I was starting to get interviews. My boss saw that my heart was elsewhere and supported me with coverage so that I could attend my interviews freely.

I was getting connecting with people who were also looking for roommates and apartments for the said time table. I was exploring my options in different neighborhoods. Exploring Tirelessly I might add. During times of the night that just didn't make sense to most people. During lunch breaks and whatever down time I could accumulate.

Eventually, I learned that I had done everything in my power to get me closer to my goal. I just had to build a higher tolerance for patience and faith. This was particularly hard for me because I am such a control freak and am convinced that I can manipulate my surroundings according to my liking, however.. what I was about to find out was that the universe was just about ready to respond.


Chapter 4: The Outcome


October 12, 2017: My final interview. I'll never forget it. I met with the General Manager for the Tri-State area. I did my best reading up on the company, the direction it was going, what specific examples I could use from my current job to exemplify my value for the company. One hour after the end of the interview, I get a call from my recruiter asking me how I felt about the interview. I told him I felt confident and great overall about how the conversation went. That I put it all out there and left it on the table. He responded me to congratulate me and offered me the position.......

October 15, 2017: I get a text from my buddy explaining that a space opened up at his friend's apartment. It's 3 times the size of my last place with the same humble price tag. I go to meet up with him and check out the unit. It's huge.. gorgeous.. has a doorman and an elevator.. with a private bathroom.. I go to meet up with the guy on the lease an hour later.. and within the next 5/6 hours get the offer from him offering the room to me......

October 19, 2017: My final day at my previous job. Gratitude and Humble vibes throughout the entire day. Realizing that I wouldn't be in the position I was awarded without going through that experience. Although the previous job wasn't meant to be, I couldn't be more grateful to have had the opportunity to grow with the company. It's almost like a great ex girlfriend/boyfriend. Someone who you respect fully but just realized it just wasn't the right path for the both of you and being able to walk away.......

October 20-27: Vacation. I fell in love with Canada. Vancouver B.C. to be specific along with the most amazing girl that resides there...... (see follow up post)

October 27, 2017: I found a roommate to fill in my old apartment and agree to move in on Nov 1........

October 30, 2017: My very first day at the new job. I'm blown away at the amount of attention to detail that was put into the on boarding process for a supposed "start up". Such a stark difference in company culture, when you can actively see every single employee truly happy when they walk in the doors. Promoting a strong community culture that promotes creativity and freedom, I felt right at home. Not to mention that the company had an event later on in the day to celebrate their major acquisition... so talk about a memorable Day 1.......

October 31, 2017: Move out day, being young dumb and broke, had no resources to help me with my move. So I literally hit up all of my friends to see who was available and who had a car. With all of the movement and life changes, approached this highly underprepared. Eventually... thanks to all of my lovely support, managed to get my roommate to help me move my stuff to the curb, called an Uber XL , loaded all of my stuff in Nissan Pathfinder and had my friend meet me at my new apartment to help bring up my stuff up to my apartment. All after an 8 hour day 2 at a brand new company. LOL.... Long story short... everything worked out impractically perfect........



The reason why I bring this up is to illustrate that sometimes you may not know logistically how everything is going to work out, but the important thing is that you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the universe's plan to help you achieve all of the declarations you've set for yourself. Understand that the most you can do is position yourself correctly so that these opportunities can find its way to you.


Set Declarations, Stay humble, Be Grateful, Be Critical of Yourself, Visualize Greatness, Ask Questions, Be Authentic, Chase Your Dream. Do it Unapologetically. And above all else... Do It Tirelessly.


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